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Beachside Clinic

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  • Location: Huacas
  • Address 1: Route 933
  • Address 2: Guanacasste Costa Rica
  • Phone: 2653-9911
beach side clinic beach side clinic

In Huacas there is always a doctor and a nurse at your service. All the staff is bilingual (English-Spanish).

Medical Services

Offices open 24 hours, 2 observation beds, a room for minor surgeries and a fully equipped shock room.  A team of 6 doctors analyzes your case to refer you to the best specialists, ensuring you get the appropriate tests and follow up on your treatment.  They also manage mixed medicine clinics, company medicine and first aid training.


Their equipment is digital, therefore they send the X-rays by mail or telephone to the Radiologist, Orthopedist or any other doctor who attends your case.  The technician is present from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  

Ambulance Services

They have fully equipped life support ambulances available 24 hours for your service.  As a working standard of BEACH SIDE CLINIC, each trip includes a Doctor who can make the most appropriate decisions for your well-being. They have also developed a Work Network (CARE MEDICAL) that has airplanes and helicopters to transport emergencies from our area to hospitals with greater response capacity within and outside the country.

For further info call 2653 9911 or 2653 5053 or visit

They also have a local office in Surfside - Second level of Supermarket MerKdo Building, Surfside Guanacaste Playa Potrero - Call 2100 2484